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Watersafe - Remote Water Mains Switch and Motorised Valve

Protect your home with the WaterSafe Leak Protection Systems. We have battery or mains operated devices which also includes a wireless solution. These alarms are suitable for detecting water leaks and flooding.

WaterSafe Remote Water Mains Switch and Motorised Valve

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WaterSafe Wireless Water Leak Detection and Mains shut off

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WaterSafe Wired Water Leak Detection and Mains Shut Off

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Britons inflict an avoidable £130 million worth of damage each year on themselves simply by forgetting to turn off taps - wasting some 630,000 litres of water every day. The annual repair bill for damage caused by leaking water from washing machines, dishwashers, burst water tanks, pipes, showers and baths now hits £1.8 million for the hundreds of thousands of households affected each year, according to research from Halifax Home Insurance.

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