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Welcome to Magne-Flo

Landlords - Tenant Safety


Water Leaks

Avoid expensive and disruptive water leaks resulting in increased insurance premiums by installing our water leak detection and shut off systems

Avoid Gas Explosions

Avoid gas explosions and danger to lives and property by fitting Magneflo Excess Flowvalves to your properties. Gas leaks occur every year in the UK causing explosions.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Safeguard health and life by fitting CO and Gas safety detection shut off systems. CO is emitted from the incomplete combustion of any fossil fuel.

Annual Gas Servicing

The law insists on carrying out Annual Gas Servicing for every property. Avoid expensive solicitors letters or break ins by fitting your properties with our Gas Service Safety Monitors.

Home Owners - Home Safety

 family safety

Water Damage

Water leaks can damage your property. Repairs are likely to be costly and may increase your insurance premiums. Leak detection systems shut-off the leak before the damage can occur.

Gas Explosions Kill

Every year homes are damaged from gas leaks. Keep your family safe by fitting a Magneflo Excess Flowvalve with automatic gas cut-off valve - detects gas leaks and shuts off the gas supply.

The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas which is known as the 'silent killer'. It can be emitted from boilers and fires etc. Be safe and fit a CO / Gas safety detection shut off system.

Caravan or Boat Owner?

Carbon monoxide can build up in your home anywhere. Ensure your mobile homes, carvans, boats and horse boxes are safe, Fit a CO / Gas safety detection shut off system.

Gas Safety Valve

Magne-Flo's Excess Flow Valve Could Prevent
Gas Explosions!


Water Leak Solutions

Water leak & Shut Off System

water valve

Gas Service Monitor

Landlords Programmable
Service Device

gas safety monitor

LPG Systems

Suitable for mobile homes, caravans, horse boxes etc.

Co detector 300

CO Detection

Carbon Monoxide Detector
with Shut Off Facility

co controller valve web

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