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Annual Gas Service Monitor

Landlords Gas Appliance Service Device

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The law now states that for reasons of safety, landlords must service gas appliances on an annual basis. This service requires the tenant to work with the landlord, assisting in the identification of service intervals and allowing access when required. This assistance in the majority of cases is forthcoming but unfortunately, in a minority of situations, approximately 5% of tenants do not allow entry into the property for the service.

Taking the legal route is both time consuming and extremely costly and option 2 is not the preferred route, due to the landlord's duty of care to the tenants, and the risk that this action could open up the chances of being sued under the human rights act.

In association with a range of Housing associations, Magneflo have found an innovative solution to the problem of service identification and access, whilst not endangering tenants. This fully programmable unit that is integrated into the boiler system and operates on three levels;  

Operation Example: Service monitor fitted to a gas boiler.

After installation when the service is not due, the LED will be green and the device will time for 44 weeks.

At 44 weeks the LED will change to red, indicating that service is due.

At week 48 to 52 the LED will be red and flashing and the audible alarm will beep 

At week 52 the LED will be flashing red, the audible alarm will be beeping twice per minute and the boiler heating will be interrupted for one hour on and one hour off.

At week 53 the LED will be flashing red again beeping at two beeps per minute but the boiler heating will now remain off.

This device monitor is totally programmable and all the sequences can change to fit the requirements of landlords' gas access procedures, with a minimum order of 100 units.

Extra Features:

A low temperature thermostat is mounted inside the device and set to 15 degrees centigrade. If the room temperature around the device falls below 15 degrees then all fault modes are bypassed and the boiler operation is not blocked.

The device has an internal battery timer back-up. This will keep the timer running if the power is turned off to the device for a period up to 5 years.

If the device cables are cut the boiler will not operate.

The installation of the unit is simple and can be carried out when fitting a new boiler or during the annual service within 15 minutes.

Four engineer reset proximity keys are supplied with every 100 service monitors.

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