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Magne-Flo Safety Valves

Introducing Magne-Flo's automatic cut-off and reset valve for natural gas, in the event of a break in the supply.

The Magne-Flo valves are made up of five parts;-

  1. A ferrite magnet, housed in a brass fitting.
  2. The only moving part - a stainless steel operating plate.
  3. Magnet retainer, plastic body.
  4. Plastic seat body.
  5. Housed in 28mm brass fitting, manufactured to strict quality control guidelines. Reducers are used with 22mm pipes.

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All valves are fitted with the Magne-Flo patented unique automatic shut off and reset mechanisms.


The 28mm valve should be fitted on the downstream/domestic side of the meter. Fitting is simple. Must be fitted by a registered GasSafe engineer.

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The valves can be fitted in any position and are not affected by orientation. They require no maintenance and are tamper proof.

Risk Areas Identified

Human error, theft of appliances, particularly boilers, unreliable tenants and owners, 'cowboy fitters', in fact every property with gas should have Magne-Flo automatic gas valves fitted. The valves are a 'fuse' for gas safety

An important by-product of this valve is realised in the event of the most common of fires in the home - kitchen fires. If the fire takes hold, it will melt the solder that joins the copper gas pipes. Should this happen and the pipes separate, the Magne-Flo valve will cut off the gas at the meter, limiting the damage. This will protect fire crews called to the scene.



28mm compression fitting.

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Advantica Certificate number TC/05/009
Product Type : Excess Flow Control

Gas Families : 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Designation Countries: All European Union countries.

EC Product Ident. No: C87AS150 

American Gas Association Laboratories certificate number L2388001
AGA Report number P-125-1A

Product Profile - Operation and Certification

The Magne-Flo excess flow valve which is designed to close above a specific flow rate. After repair and the gas is turned on, the valve will automatically reset itself via the by-pass.

For natural gas - valves MF1001 - less than 10 SCFH.

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The valves are configured for the following flow rates:

Natural Gas - 21 mb

Quality and Certification

Every EFV is flow tested after assembly to rigid operational tolerances. Sample quantities are also performance tested as part of a strict quality assurance programme. The 28mm Magne-Flo valves are fully certified for use in the UK and EC, Certificate number TC/05/009 .

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Available from major plumbers merchants and stockists. For your nearest supplier, contact us

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