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WaterSafe Wireless Water Leak Detection and Mains Shut Off

water valve control 200Fully automatic radio control of the water mains supply. Turn water off by the touch of a button. This system gives 24 hour protection from water damage and the ability to simply turn the mains water on and off.

Designed for larger properties or where wiring is not acceptable an RC (radio control) version allows up to 8 remote water leak detectors to be installed into the system at a distance of up to 20 meters from the water valve control unit. 

water switch 150The water valve control monitors all the batteries in each of the remote water leak detectors and gives a warning when any battery in the system is low.

The radio water leak alarm transmitter works as a stand alone water leak alarm. On detecting water the transmitter emits an ongoing loud sound and sends a signal to the valve controller which will automatically shut off the mains water valve within 7 seconds.

A remote water on/off wall switch can also be fitted to the system.

The unit is battery powered using 4 AA batteries and has the option of low voltage mains powered adaptor if required where the batteries act as a back-up in mains power failure. 

The water valve control gives a warning when the battery voltage in the system is low.


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System Features

  • Battery operated with batteries lasting up to 5 years.
  • Low battery warning by a beep once per minute and a flashing indicator on the controller.
  • Low cost, quick and easy to install.
  • Stainless steel motorised ball valve tested to 700,000 operations.
  • Motorised valve pressure rated to 2.0Mpa (290PSI) (-20C to 100C)
  • The motorised valve has a manual override for peace of mind.
  • Option of a mains power adaptor for the valve control unit.
  • Wipe clean sealed membrane controls
  • Option of up to 4 wired leak detectors per control unit or transmitter unit.
  • Up to 8 remote water leak transmitters per system, approximately radio range 20 Metres.
  • A remote wall switch can be used to match the kitchen fixings to turn the water on /off
  • Motorised valve available in 1/2” - 3/4” and 1” BSP
  • Control unit will automatically ‘test’ the valve each week by operating the motor to 50% to close and open the ball valve (to prevent seizing)
  • A speech module is under development that will give announcements of water leaks and the position on the motorised valve.
  • A GSM unit is available to send a text if a leak is detected or to operate the valve via SMS
  • Made in the West Midlands UK.

Britons inflict an avoidable £130 million worth of damage each year on themselves simply by forgetting to turn off taps - wasting some 630,000 litres of water every day. The annual repair bill for damage caused by leaking water from washing machines, dishwashers, burst water tanks, pipes, showers and baths now hits £1.8 million for the hundreds of thousands of households affected each year, according to research from Halifax Home Insurance.

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